September 30, 2016

SWC Celebrates 37th Social Service Day, 22.09.2016

AIN attended the 37th Social Service Day celebration organized by SWC. Speaking on the occasion, the Chief Guest of the event Honorable Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal stressed on need to make SWC's  motto "Atma Saachi rakhi man vachan ra karma le sewa garau'(Let our Soul be the Witness to the Social Service  Work we do from our Heart) true to its spirit. He remarked that social service is a global trend and the work & contributions of non-government organizations is commendable. However, he emphasized that one needs to be accountable and transparent, while reaching the most needy and marginalized. Nepal is going through a big political change. The new SWC ACTshould be in line with the new Constitution and meet the requirements of Regions and Provinces withinthe Federal system.The Prime Minister as the Chair of SWC stressed on the need of seeking consultation and cooperation of the  INGOs and NGOs for the formulation and effective implementation of the new ACT. INGOs and NGOs are growing in number but one needs to review its activities to check if they are doing real socialwork or not. There has been news of some not being accountable and just doing work for generating income for mnews_iddle class population.

Prime Minister emphasized that the prime objective of the INGOs and NGOs should be to reach out to the real needy and the backward community in the most rural areas. Employment generation should be the secondary objective. INGO and NGO budget should be effective and properly balanced in terms of being result oriented rather than just  being seen as doing conferences and launchingreports in big hotels, as  generallyperceived. Nepal Government understands and acknowledges the role of non-government sector in development but it needs proper management and supervision.

Remarks from AIN Chair

Chairperson Dr. Prabin Manandhar was given an opportunity to speak on behalf of AIN. He stressed on the need of SWC as an autonomous body to become strong and efficient. He recommended keeping SWC under the PM's office for effective implementation of one door policy and systematic management of INGO & NGO contributions. He emphasized on the need of inclusive and equitable development process. Dr. Prabin remarked that the role of INGOs and NGOs should get proper acknowledgement for effective distribution of INGO contributions.INGOs are performing in line with national priorities and strategies.He stated that SWC should be contributing to debate and discussion on inclusion and federalism on the basis of equitable development. The new Social Development Act should give emphasis on the role and contributions of INGOs and NGOs, and SWC's coordinating roles amongst the INGOs, NGOs and the government ministries.

Remarks from Ministry

Speaking on the occasion Secretary of Ministry of Women Children and Social Welfare Mr Bishnu Lamsal stated INGOs should focus more on infrastructure development rather than wasting money on doing conferences at big hotels and food. People of Nepal are sensible enough to understand and would not take any wrong doings if done by the non-government organizations. SWC is in the process of strengthening its internal human and technical resources. They are working on new policies and gunews_idelines to streamline INGO and Ngo activities.INGOs spending is more than a Ministry does he remarked.

Remarks from SWC

SWC Member Secretary Dili Prasad Bhatta and Vice Presnews_ident Nil Mani Baral appreciated the role played by INGOs and NGOs and thanked AIN for their cooperation and support.

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