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The Association of International NGOs (AIN), formed by INGOs working in Nepal in September 1996, is an important network in the development sector of Nepal as members have been implementing various people-centered development programmes throughout the hills, mountains and Terai areas.

AMP refresher trainings
Ministry of Finance/MoF in coordination with AIN organized Aid Management Platform/AMP refresher trainings:

Aid Management Platform/AMP

For the purpose of aid transparency and aid predictability, the Aid Management Platform (AMP), an online web-based information system set up in the Ministry of Finance. All development partners have been given access to this and they are reporting aid information into the system regularly. The AMP has currently been a very effective tool for the collection and dissemination of information related to foreign aid flows.

AMP refresher training is organized by the MoF and coordinated by AIN on 21, 23 and 24 September 2015 at hotel Himalaya. AMP has set a milestone for INGOs contributions in the development sector. MoF is able to highlight an analytical view of INGOs contribution in the overall development of the country through the publication of DCR. To ensure accountability, transparency and aid effectiveness for Gender Equality and Women’s empowerment was also shared in the training which is a part of Gender Responsive Budget of AMP.

MoF has encouraged all the AIN Members to be a part of AMP and fill their disbursement in every six months accurately. Similarly MoF is in the process to publish Development Cooperation Report/DCR for the period of 2014/2015. Hence all the AIN members are requested to fill their actual disbursement accordingly that will be reflected in DCR. Read more »

Heartiest Congratulations to AIN Member " Room To Read" for winning the 3rd AIN Futsal Cup held on 22 August 2015.

This year 23 INGOs had participated: Search for Common Ground, Care Nepal, IFES , VSO, WWF, Mercy Corps , SNV , Handicap International , Plan Nepal, UMN , Water Aid, Heifer International, Helen Keller International, Samriddha Pahad , Action Aid Nepal , FHI 360, Restless Development, Room to Read, World Vision, Helvetas , Save the Children (White and Green), Equal Access and Practical Action. Hats of to all the players for putting up a harmonious and dignified show!!

AIN Press Release
July 29, 2015
INGOs provide life-saving support to the people affected by the earthquake and contribute to their long term recovery, says AIN
July 28, 2015
INGOs, members of the Association of International NGOs in Nepal (AIN) continue to work to address the needs of the population affected by the earthquake. The support came in response to a request from the Government of Nepal on April 25th and is provided within the framework of international humanitarian guidelines.
AIN organized an event to mark three months since the first earthquake. 87 INGOs out of 116 member INGOs of AIN showcased the scale and nature of the response in areas such as food and non-food distributions, injury rehabilitation, emergency health care, emergency education, shelter, livelihoods, water and sanitation, in all 14 priority districts and beyond.
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